Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Chemicals, Our Environment

This kind of analysis, checking to see what new chemicals we produce are having what effect on our health provided by the federal government, is what our government should be doing. We cannot rely, as we usually do, on industries to self-monitor their pollution and certainly we cannot depend on them to proactively seek out the possible repercussions of their new chemicals on our health and environment. In this country, as opposed to other countries, the burden of proof of the toxicity of industrial chemicals is on those whose complain, not on those who produce them.

So, having our government ramping up their studies on the relationship between manmade chemicals and their health ramifications is right on. ToxCast™ Program National Center for Computational Toxicology US EPA In 2007, EPA launched ToxCast™ in order to develop a cost-effective approach for prioritizing the toxicity testing of large numbers of chemicals in a short period of time. Using data from state-of-the-art high throughput screening (HTS) bioassays developed in the pharmaceutical industry, ToxCast™ is building computational models to forecast the potential human toxicity of chemicals. These hazard predictions will provide EPA regulatory programs with science-based information helpful in prioritizing chemicals for more detailed toxicological evaluations, and lead to more efficient use of animal testing. --from National Center for Computational Toxicology US EPA

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