Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Monitor our environment/Monitor environmental reports

One of the main themes of is that our major or mainstream media is not doing its job on informing the public of our environmental situation on a continual basis. Not only do environmental stories, which are indicators of concerns we should have about our way of life and whether it is sustainable or not, get published rarely compared to frivolous stories, but there is a steady decline in dedicated environmental reporters.

Without local dedicated environmental reporter continually probing for pollution effects, local indicators of climate change, water quality, air quality, etc., we, the public and our political leaders, are left without important information we need to live sustainably. We cannot make informed choices about our environment if we don’t know what is going on. Environmental news is not just another issue; it’s about the survival of our way of life. Our industrial, 6.5 billion peopled world is changing radically everyday and we need to know how.

With that said, does not have the expertise to judge the quality of individual environmental reporting in the media—when it does occur. But, others are qualified, and their voices should be heard by the public.

Please, think of checking this site often: Media Reviews — Environmental Health News EHS scientists and fellows critique media coverage. --from Environmental Health News:

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