Monday, May 25, 2009

Green Jobs – We’re Hearing Things...

You can discuss all day long about what a ‘green job’ is and some have (Green Jobs - A GLOBE-Net Perspective), but mostly it’s an occupation that employs while making our way of life sustainable. Let’s not get too ivory tower about this notion as people are desperately looking for job now and, as a concept in progress, it matters little if today’s blue collar job, with a little retro-fitting, becomes tomorrow’s green job. Bigger changes to the job market are coming.

The proposed high-speed rail (TRANSPORTATION: Fast-tracking high-speed rail ) might create a lot of blue-green collar jobs if the public can get their heads around a new system that would compete nicely against vehicles and planes for longer trips. We are hearing that a high-speed rail system connected with bus rapid transit could reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase efficiency and safety. Not all change is bad.

We are hearing about people thinking out of the box: starting businesses with new green products that only need some public education to generate interest. We’re hearing about a climate change bill in Congress coming up in June that could level the playing field so new forms of energy can complete with the old.

We are hearing about educators wanting to get their high-school students ready for a new green economy by including new training for teachers. And we are hearing about growing renewable energy companies that are creating new jobs nearby--Wind turbines becoming growth industry in Ohio. We know that the Internet is exploding with new databases for finding green jobs (Green Business Jobs Rochester, NY environmental jobs Rochester and new recycling business opening up and newly trained interns looking for green jobs, or maybe even just helping out and spicing up that green resume. (Take on an intern with a degree in the environmental field and green up that business of yours this summer.) People designing new Killer Aps (GoodGuide Ratings of Natural, Green and Healthy Products Green iPhone Apps ZapRoot 086 ZapRoot) are emerging as high-tech eco-problem solvers. So, we are hearing a lot of hints that the green job thing is real.

No, we are not hearing about a magical green gate that has suddenly opened and anyone wanting a green job merely has to walk though it for financial security and a clean planet. But, things are certainly stirring. All sectors of the economy, workers holding on to their old jobs, workers out of a job looking for a new one, kids coming out of college, and adults going back in, are all talking greening up the business world. So, we’re hearing more about how the time is ripe for a sea change in our economy and our planet’s health and we are following more threads that seem to be leading to more green job opportunities.

Maybe it’s why we are not hearing a lot of despair—because there’s a change a’ coming to the job environment and there’s hope that this time around we’ll get it right. Products and services that afford us a living on a planet that is thriving-it’s the way it should be.

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