Saturday, May 30, 2009

Going Green:

We all have to go, but there are a lot of us: People out thinking out of the traditional coffin and ways that won’t harm our environment. This might seem preposterous and heretical to a fundamental right of us all to be buried with dignity, but with 6.5 billion of us wanting our own space—forever—is going to get crowded and its unsustainable. Better that we think ahead and get some new ideas on traditional burying methods:

Here’s one: Dirt: Dying Green in NY on Vimeo "Natural Burial is a rising trend within the green movement. Already quite popular abroad and in California, Natural Burial is fast making its way to the east coast. "Dying Green" isn't just for hippies anymore. Motivated not only by ecological concerns, but also economic and emotional ones, "Dirt" explores the ideas behind green burial itself, its availability in NYS, and a host of the quirky movers-and-shakers behind the cause."

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