Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Environment and Our Jobs:

What we don't know and what we want to know. What we know is that our environment and our economy (most critical our local economy) are in trouble. We know that the previous presidential administration was dismissive of our environmental problems and didn’t quite believe in anthropogenic climate change. We know that the present Obama administration ‘get’s it’ on our environment and intends to both right our environment and our economy.

We know that US stimulus plan monies are coming to our area because the Obama administration is talking about federal funds for a Albany to Buffalo (through Rochester) high speed rail being on of the ten corridors in this nation our country is willing to spend to increase jobs and help our environment. What we don’t know is how you and I are going to benefit from all this change. Are we, the common folk here in the Rochester area, going to see a rise in jobs and are those jobs going to help mitigate climate change?

Maybe this idea is the key: Green Jobs/Green Homes NY: An unprecedented statewide initiative to retrofit one million homes in five years Green Jobs/Green Homes NY (GJ/GH NY) is a blueprint for mass-scale greening over five years. The program will make New York homes energy efficient, lower fossil fuel emissions, and combat climate change. It will save households an average of 30-40% of energy consumption, produce around 60,000 quality green jobs and obviate the need to site new power plants."

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