Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Find that Green Job in Rochester, NY.

First, Full Disclosure: I have a personal stake in finding a green job. I'm looking for a worthwhile part-time green job and I am willing to share anything I can find out about this until I get and green job and well after I find one. I want everyone who is out of a job to find a green job.

Help yourself, help a friend, help our environment. So, find a Green Job in Rochester, NY area: Green Business Jobs Rochester, NY environmental jobs Rochester - Green Jobs - This is merely a laundry list of possible job search sites that might lead you to a green job. I have not vetted these sites, except to check them for a green job (and I haven’t found one) so I cannot say if one is better than another.

I have tried to screen out those sites that look like job searchers, but are schemes for ripping you off—which is prevalent out there in Internet land. I’m willing to expand this section (I am doing a total reshaping of soon) so send me your ideas, your thoughts on how to join this great movement by President Obama to get American employed with Green Jobs.

Hey, I’m looking for a green job too, so this list is a valuable way to scan all the major job search engines, with as many specific green job services that I can find. Got more Green Job sites I can list? Contact me Got some good strategies in find a green job in the Rochester, NY area? Contact me. Got any info that would help someone in our area get a green job, Contact me and I’ll pass that information along. Got a Green Job for me, Contact me.

Here’s my two cents on how to get a Green Job: There needs to be a viable, practical, and sensible way to retrain not only engineers for green jobs, but all people in all sectors. Us common folks, who have been paying dearly for the bailouts in this Great Recession, want to work and benefit from the prosperity that can be ours too. Colleges get some green courses for folks can get credentials for green jobs. Public officials create some massive training programs that fit all skills to the new economy. Common folks, demand a good green job and a green country. Contact me


Zoosa said...

Best of luck with the job search! Your readers might be interested in a new website for high impact / high paying green jobs: We aggregate the best social enterprise resources (news, blogs, tweets, & opportunities) to a single destination, making it easier for professionals to learn about and get involved in the education, nonprofit, and renewable energy sectors.

We’re just now starting to get the word out… it would be great if you would consider writing about Zoosa! Mike, CEO

hippie_wantab said...

I pride you for looking for a green job. Your readers may want to try looking in non-traditional sectors like home business. True, it can be hard to weed out the scams, but there are several long-standing, credible ones who embrace the home business format because for so long the only people into environmental awareness leaned more to the counter-culture side.
I have had great luck with my green, work from home for the past 3 years