Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Care about the Genesee River ? Check this out: Genesee River Wilds Project » Home

Genesee River Wilds Project » Home

The Genesee River Wilds Project is a coalition of groups and individuals who invest time, energy, funding, and other resources in the development of an environmentally sustainable system of natural parks concentrated along the Genesee River in the “Genesee River Wilds.” This phrase refers to the Genesee River and its watershed from the river’s sources in Potter County, Pennsylvania, to the southern border of Letchworth State Park in New York State. The Genesee River Wilds Project represents and partners with federal, state, county, municipal, and non-profit organizations; business corporations; educational institutions; landowners; farmers; anglers; hunters; hikers; mountain bikers; kayak and canoe enthusiasts; and many others who participate in various official and unofficial ways. The coalition works to improve the health of the upper Genesee River and its watershed; protect them from future environmental threats; and enhance their recreational potential.

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