Friday, December 19, 2008

The Past Eight Years: It Wasn’t All Dysfunctional

We (those who care first about protecting that environment, which we need to survive) talk about the dysfunctional aspects of the Bush administration on monitoring and protecting our environment.

It’s all true. This is the most pro-corporate (though, I don’t mean to imply that being pro-corporate is anti-environmental) and anti-environmental administration ever in the US. Most federal environmental agencies, like the EPA, have been so carved up as to be, again, dysfunctional. The Bush administration’s version of science (which is like saying someone’s version of arithmetic, as if there were varying positions on it) surrounding the most examined environmental issue in history—Global Warming—has been horrific in the face of the overwhelming concern around the world on the most important issue of our time—man-made climate change.

Take off your political blinders for just a nanosecond and get your head around the implications of what even the possibility of man-made climate change and our dysfunctional way of approaching mean? (Would we react to a football-stadium-sized meteor hurling towards our planet in the say way? Would there be naysayers and political leaders carping about the science and bloggers ridiculing the laws of gravity and physics and anything that didn’t fit within the purviews of their narrow, uninformed, view of reality?)

Anyway, what I’m saying is this: While our government has been working to push their view or reality on us, that they are in charge of our environment and don’t worry your pretty little heads, there have been many ignoring this tragic lunacy and actually monitoring our environment and the laws enacted on its behalf. Many, many (that is, really, really a lot) of environmental groups, though they have been dismissed and marginalized, have done the bulwark of research and activity that our planet needs to help our way of life to become sustainable.

One such group is Environmental Advocates of New York and they have been both watching our environment and our laws. Check it out BILL RATINGS 2008, or continue to rage against the darkness or push a view of reality that isn’t, or a wait until all the evidence is in that we are cooked, or whatever.

Environmental Advocates of New York - Capitol Watch - Bill Ratings BILL RATINGS 2008 Every week during the New York State Legislative Session, Environmental Advocates of New York reviews all of the bills introduced in legislative committees or on the floor of the State Senate or the Assembly. We then issue a memo that summarizes the legislation and also describes our position on measures with significant environmental impact. - from Environmental Advocates of New York

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