Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New Green Era

Two quotes jumped out at me when I listened to “Meet Obama’s Green Team.” The first was President-elect Obama’s statement: “There is not a contradiction between sound environmental practices and economic growth.” Of course, Obama is going to have to say this over and over again, as he says, because for some reason or other doing the economic thing and the sound environmental thing have been at odds for a long, long time.

If we survive as a species, seven generations ahead our progeny will wonder at their ancestors who could have thought otherwise.

The other quote is by Lisa P. Jackson, the new chair of the EPA. Thanking her husband and kids for what this appointment will mean to them, she says, “Public service often comes at their expense and much less often at their reward.”

I am struck by the stark honesty of what someone truly devoted to the public good must think of holding public offices in these tumultuous times. Because there are many unscrupulous people in public life, we tend to forget that most are serving at a great personal cost to their lives.

The horrific rancor that is the face of the public arena today, where but few take the time to understand the issues and so must depend on the spokesmen of the extreme, make representing the public in good faith a dreary task at best.

Read and Listen to the video: Hard Task for New Team on Energy and Climate -

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