Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sorry For Bush?

For those getting sentimental and teary-eyed over the failed Bush presidency that tried and failed. (I’m not kidding this is an article in the Wall Street Journal “The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace What must our enemies be thinking?” (Nov 5, 2008). Rather focus on what he is about to do.

Behind closed doors Bush and Cheney created a Corporate-friendly energy policy—the public wasn’t invited. The Bush administration forced their illusion that corporations would monitor and curb their own environmental devastation. It didn’t work. They didn’t curb their pollution at bit. And, corporations didn’t go broke (we have to bail them out) because they were bending over backwards becoming more environmentally responsible --like implementing fuel efficiency. They went broke because they continued their unsustainable practices, despite public preferences for the alternatives.

Now, in the waning days of the Bush administration, while we angst about the collapse of all we worked for and tried to sustain (like our environment), the Bush administration is maniacally pushing its malicious anti-environmental agenda.

* “Rush to deregulate - Bush administration proposals to loosen EPA restrictions raise concerns for the environment” Nov 9, 08 - Dispatch Politics

* “Bush officials moving fast to cut environmental protections” Nov 6, 08 McClatchy

* “Bush team rushes environment policy changes” Nov 3, 08 Reuters.

* “A Last Push To Deregulate - White House to Ease Many Rules” Oct 31, 08 Washington Post.

Don’t feel sorry for Bush as he hangs his tail and leaves the White House as the most environmentally irresponsible president ever, contact Congress and demand that these last minute environmental deregulations be stopped.

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