Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Green Delusion

It’s nice to see that our major news print media offer up its token ‘green’ news story of the week. As the world bumps up against Global Warming tipping points even in our area (Buffalo news covered this topic a couple of weeks ago), pharmaceuticals are leaching into our waters, our recycling efforts fall far beyond neighboring communities, and the economic crash threaten to carve up environmental regulations, our major investigative media finds it way to mention ‘green’ colors in our home décor.

What wrong with this picture?

Have we become so tired of bad economic news that delusion in the form of painting over our environmental issues green rules the day? There could be articles about the move towards eliminating bottled water and returning faith in our public water system. Our major print media could be finding out why so many of us are still tossing computers and TVs on the curbside to got in our landfills, when there are many companies and non-profit agencies will to pick them up and reuse the parts. Investigative reporting could focus on the soundness of our infrastructure and whether or not our sewage is overflowing into Lake Ontario.

Instead, we get ‘feel good’ articles about an aesthetic movement towards our environment. We do not get a realistic appraisal of our area’s environment—the one that sustains our existence. I know newspapers are in trouble, but continually pandering to the public’s desire to ignore or believe that we are actually solving our environmental problems is the kind of irrational exuberance that led to our economic crisis today.

Only the environmental backlash is going to be much worse. There’s no bailout to be had when our environment becomes unsustainable.

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