Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Bottled Water System?

Is it possible that our attitudes towards bottled water, which competes with our own tap water for public use, will change? When you buy water from someplace else and it comes in a plastic container and then landfill that plastic container aren’t you saying you have no faith in your public water system and you don’t care about the billions of more plastic (that aren’t even depositable) containers going into the ground?

Buying a facet and filling your own container of water to drink from Monroe County’s and Rochester’s water system is about as good as water gets—and that facet will pay for itself in about a couple of minutes.

CityNews: MPPs Defeat Province-Wide Water Bottle Ban But Leave Door Open To Future Edict A suggested ban on the sale of plastic water bottles in Ontario was struck down in the legislature Thursday amid mixed messages from the Liberal government that left the door open to a possible ban in the future. (Nov 6, 08)

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