Sunday, October 12, 2008

Renewable Energy, Not Nuclear

Although there are many nuclear plants around the world, one Chernobyl-like incident will chill any Global Warming argument used in favor of using nuclear power. Man is prone to error, despite the efforts of the best and brightest who build and maintain our nuclear power plants. For, when you think about it, they have to be the best given the consequences of a nuclear error. Also, nuclear plants take a long time to build (meaning paperwork), a lot of insurance, and lots and lots of water to cool the plants—not to mention the warmed waters discharges which affect fish life.

As for the “baseload” argument that coal and nuclear power are our only choices: If we redesigned our electrical grid so that computers could help channel energy loads when and where they are needed, solar and wind power could provide the necessary base loads. Critics are forever belying the reliability of wind and solar because the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. Well, if the grid is large enough, the wind does always blow—somewhere. And already there are reliable solar batteries that can store energy when the sun doesn’t shine—it’s called heating water, which retains heat very well and could heat our houses.

As for the arguments about wind and solar power having to be given tax breaks by the government, it’s hard to take them seriously when one thinks about how many billions the US has allowed the oil companies in tax relief.

Isn’t it time to do the right thing on energy and go renewable energy? You won’t need an iodine pill for your thyroid, if you live next to a wind turbine.

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