Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Question of the Day

It’s shouldn’t be a question, we should be changing our energy attitudes. This is the question of the day, will the economic crisis experienced world-wide slow down renewable energy growth? It’s too bad that it’s framed as a question, when it should be framed as an opportunity: Our present economics and reliance on fossil-burning fuel have failed us, now it’s time to change our economies so that our economies reflect their effect on our environment and all governments should be focusing on wind and solar power for our future energy needs—even oil and coal companies should devote their monies to making solar and wind power work (which, I know is heresy.)

Our underlying assumption about our economy is fundamentally flawed: We assume that The Economy (that man created) Rules – but it doesn’t Nature does. Throw a dollar at a hurricane and see what that does for ya.

Check this story Business Will global money meltdown tip the scales on clean energy development? Small projects may be hit particularly hard as discriminating lenders put cash in bigger ventures considered less risky - A squeeze in lending and fears that a global recession will continue to push down fossil-fuel prices could prove a major setback for the development of clean energy and deployment of green technologies.(Oct 14, 08)

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