Sunday, October 12, 2008

Global Warming On Hold

The underlying science that greenhouse gases are warming up planet Earth have been suspended because of the World-Wide Economic Crisis. Carbon Dioxide and Methane Gas molecules have mutually agree not to react so vibrantly at this time. Until further notice, the media will cease its comprehensive coverage of this matter. The laws of physics too will step aside while mankind focuses on the repercussion his rapacious economic systems.

People can be assured that science understands that nothing is more important than the world market. Thus, no one need worry that their behavior or corporation’s, no matter how polluting, will have any affect on anyone’s health.

Also, please note: pollution of our air, water, and land, the loss of biodiversity, the scarcity of clean water, and all other environmental concerns have abated until this crisis is over. The laws governing our universe care.

All Environmental degradation in all forms will stop until future notice. At that time the media can resume its awesome coverage of sustainability matters—unless, of course, George Bush or Vice-president Dick Cheney, break either of their fingernails.

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