Saturday, October 25, 2008

Environment – Opinion or Science?

There are voluminous conversations in all forms of the media about environmental matters. This is a fact. The environmental dialogues range from the absolutely absurd (like the Universe was created in seven day) to the reductionism of a specialized scientific inquiry—of which only a handful of scientists understand what they are talking about. This is a fact. Environmental matters are of interest to some and not important to others. This is not a fact, it is suicidal thinking.

Holding that you aren’t an environmentalist, or don’t care about our environment is like standing in front of a machine gun daring the shooter to practice his belief in ballistics. You’ll lose, it’s not an opinion.

In this day, when environmental matters have become so politicized, such as corporations and political machines that blanket the media with obfuscation about the dangers of global warming and pollution, concern about our environment has become a matter of opinion. It’s not, it is science.

What the point? Why should we care whether the public understands that environmental matters are science and not opinion? Well, if you think the mechanisms that operate our environment are merely opinions, you can form an attitude against the workings and importance of our environmental matters (as millions have) and dismiss all evidence pertaining to them.

If you know that the mechanisms of our environment are based on science, then you pay attention because you know if you don’t pay attention to the details you pay.

I’ve come across an excellent series of earth and environmental lectures and I implore you to check them out. You cannot breeze though this in a minute and launch an opinion. There are 50+ lectures and you’ll have to take time for it. You’ll have to listen to it in-depth and understand the fundamentals of environmental science. Dr. Shorey’s lectures are clear, methodical, and scientific-not a tirade about half-baked opinions on what should be mattering to us most—the environmental health of our planet.

Please, take some time and get a scientific overview of how our planet works before working up an irrational attitude towards what science is and what science has to say about our environment. If we don’t get it, if we don’t understand the science of our environment before we develop our opinions, then we will have become an unsustainable species—like the dinosaurs and the 95% of all the creature that have once existed on this planet.

We are humans and sure we have lots of stuff that the cave man didn’t, but gravity still rules and carbon dioxide still is excited by photons from the sun and we haven’t been issued a special pass because we think we are something special.


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