Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Election: Where’s the environment?

Of course there’s the present financial crisis due to the Reagan-era/Republican’s efforts to deregulate the financial market, the end of laissez-faire capitalism (because, like leaving environmental controls to corporations doing the polluting) it just doesn’t work, the fiasco in Iraq (because despite the media’s forgone conclusion of the ‘success’ of the surge, even General Petraeus, admits we must be very careful about withdrawing the American troupes from the precarious situation that’s on hold in Iraq), the desperate situation in Afghanistan, our squabbles with Russia, Iran, North Korea, you-name-the-country, and who “lipstick on a pig” refers to, where’s the discussion on our environment in this critical election year?

What about Global Warming? What about a serious debate on cleaning up the environment and curbing global warming gases—instead of the infinite regression of rants about what the oil companies want and don’t want? What about getting the big picture that despite all the (above) problems an unsustainable environment is one that we cannot live in?

You’d think that with so much information coming in about the state of our environment that we’d take a serious look at it during our election period, but mostly we simply root through our best one-liners and lob it at the enemy via the hungry-for nonsense media.

Maybe there’s intelligent life on Mars or Titian.

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