Sunday, August 03, 2008

No Excuse for Not Recycling:

There’s really no excuse, but I’m seeing discarded televisions and computers on the curb ready for pickup. Throwing computers to the curbside means possible identity theft from hard drives. The rest—monitors, televisions, batteries—contain materials (like lead, mercury, cadmium, and other hazardous materials) that should not be tossed into the ground. And, other materials (like copper) are recyclable resources for industries, instead of mining our natural resources.

There is a continual program by the Monroe County government Environmental Services Environmental Services Monroe County, NY and there are numerous electronic recycling events like this one which will take your discarded electronics for free:

  • Go Green! Recycle Rally to be held on Aug. 10 -Clean out your house and help protect wildlife habitat at the same time. Bring us your cell phones, ink cartridges, computers, monitors, printers, TV's, video game systems, VCR's, DVD players, microwaves, sneakers, refundable cans & bottles, batteries, and textiles such as clothing, bedding, shoes, belts and purses. Cost: There is no change to recycle most items. There is, however, a $5 fee to recycle computer monitors and televisions and a $1 fee to recycle batteries. When: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Aug. 10 in the parking lot at the Seneca Park Zoo -Also of note: No appointment necessary. All Recycle Rally participants will be entered into a raffle for a Zoo membership. Ryan Loysen Conservation Education Coordinator Seneca Park Zoo Society 2222 St. Paul Street Rochester, NY 14621 585-295-7394

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