Monday, August 11, 2008

The Last Experiment has been monitoring the possible affects of Global Warming on Rochester, New York for many years at and climate change.

Now, a film specifically focused on how Global Warming will affect Rochester, New York by Rochester people is out. "The Last Experiment"

Check it out: Here's what they say:

  • "Film production started with a simple question: "What will climate change mean in Rochester, New York?" Over the 12+ months of filming, the question has expanded to include: "What does this mean for us as a society?"

  • First, we talked to local experts who gave us their best estimates of what we can expect -- locally. From apple crops, to lake effect snow, to real estate values, everything may be affected.

  • We’ve followed along as the community dialogue about the problem has evolved. When we started making this film, climate change hardly seemed to be on the public radar. We have witnessed, and we hope, documented a tipping point in public awareness.

  • More and more the discussion is about what to do, not about whether we need to do something. People's backgrounds color how they frame the questions: Is this primarily a moral issue? Do we fundamentally need to restructure society? Will we be allowed to drive in the future? Will market forces and proper pricing get us out of the situation?

  • Will our differences prevent us from responding as we need to? We’ve been there as local scientists, religious leaders, business people, governmental organizations and individuals search for the best path forward. The film shares their insights and the contradictions between the different perspectives. With humor and beauty, this film provokes real discussion. We hope you come out of seeing it ready to debate, and to act. The climate is already changing – now what about us?"

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