Saturday, August 23, 2008

Give me one good argument against the Bigger Better Bottle Bill

In all the years we have tried to get the Bigger Better Bottle Bill passed, I have yet to hear a reasonable argument against its passage.

That it’s too much trouble for the public to bring back bottles, or that it’s too much of a burden on the grocers, or that the bottling companies won’t get enough money back is so incredible selfish and myopic as to wonder how this intelligent species of our is actually going to solve any environmental problems. Look, the first bottle bill was a success and since its passage tons of bottles have been brought back for recycling, instead of going into the ground. And, since that first law, there has been a vast increase in the number of products that use bottles that could be recycled if this law passes.

Deposit-able bottles works. Nothing else works that will keep a lot of people from just tossing bottles, which litter our environment, onto our sidewalks, roads, forests, streams, you-name-it. Give me one unselfish, environmentally responsible reason why we shouldn’t pass the Bigger Bottle Bill or concede that you don’t really care about the next generation.

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