Monday, January 07, 2008

Stop Lead Poisoning

Get the Lead Out: This is an excellent story that encapsulates what at first appears to be a minor issue. But, until you pull away and get an idea of how many lead bullets eventually end up in our environment because of the years of accumulated lead from firing ranges, hunting, etc. you don’t understand the potential danger. Rochester leads the country in protecting our children against lead poisoning and if we are going to really do the job, curbing lead ammo must be a part of the solution.

Of course, there will be many gun users who will see any intrusion by government to affect their sport as the camel’s nose into the tent, and oppose any changes. But, I don’t think it’s too much to ask gun users “to use nontoxic ammunition in order to protect public health and the environment from the effects of lead.” We all have to do our part to protect our environment because there aren’t enough spaceships to transport us to another planet if we make this one uninhabitable.
DEC shifts to lead-free ammo — ALBANY — The state Department of Environmental Conservation is reducing its negative impact on the environment by giving up lead-based bullets used for firearms training in favor of less harmful "green" ammunition. "(The) DEC is committed to leading the way in finding new ways — large and small — to reduce the amount of contamination that is released into our environment," said Commissioner Alexander "Pete" Grannis. (January 7, 2008) Democrat & Chronicle

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