Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is Rochester Doing It’s Part?

Probably seen as a positive movement for most, US states and cities taking on Global Warming in the face of national inaction, I see this trend as using a Band-Aid to fix a major medical problem. I don't think disparate communities using idiosyncratic methods to solve global environmental problems, that is, problems in a vast system of which each ecosystem is but a small part, is going to make the kind of wholesale, rapid, and effective changes our present environmental plight requires.

Rather we (as a species) should be coordinating our efforts worldwide so that we work in concert to create a level-playing field (that is, uniform rules working towards the same solution to combating the rise in anthropogenic greenhouse gases). Only in this way, will we be able to achieve the lowering of greenhouse gases on a planetary scale soon—which needs to be done. I think that each city and state coming to grips about this problem is a good sign, but doing it in this ad hoc way because Washington won’t, is not really going to solve the problem.

It may make individual and individual communities feel good, but our environmental problems are real problems, not philosophical quandaries. Solutions will not only have to be convenient for political ideologies, practical for business, and within consumers comfort zones, they will have actually have to work
By the way, how does Rochester, New York fair in this country rise in the climate change consciousness? Check out: CITIES BRACE FOR GLOBAL WARMING by the Environment Report

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