Thursday, October 25, 2007

Manmade planet

One of the great assumptions being made by those in power is that when we bump up against environmental problems, our best and brightest will up and fix them. Well, it’s not that easy. Seems like we really haven’t done our homework.

Planet Earth is very complex, a myriad of natural systems we barely understand, though we’ve been disrupting them and destroying. But, mostly we just have not understood the deep complexity of the natural systems that keep our environment sustainable because we have not done the studies about how these systems worked before we destroyed them.

Here’s an interesting insight as to how it tends to go when we think we can micromanage a three billion year old biological system that we barely understand. WATCHING ARTIFICIAL WETLANDS "Natural wetlands that are developed are supposed to be replaced by man-made wetlands somewhere else. But a new study is finding that most of those man-made wetlands aren't doing very well." (Oct. 22, 07) Environment Report

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