Saturday, August 25, 2007

We Don’t Have to Machinegun Our Lakes.

Just when you thought the government seemed hell-bent on something as reckless and environmentally unfriendly (remember lead bullets mean lead poisoning (that’s why we have laws against using lead sinkers anymore)) as using live machine gun fire on the open Great Lakes, they come up with something sensible.

How many other crazy and environmental detrimental things are we doing (like drinking billions of gallons of water from plastic bottles that don’t get recycled when most city in the US have not only an adequate water supply, but a federally mandated safe one?

This story quietly mentioned in another city’s newspaper highlights how when the public demands some sense and sensibility on safety and environmental matters, our government miraculously comes up with some reasonable solutions. Coast Guard tries lasers as a live-fire alternative- The U.S. Coast Guard caused an uproar last year when it proposed training with live machine guns on the Great Lakes. (August 23, 07) Everything Michigan

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