Friday, December 29, 2006

Climate Change: Attitude is everything.

Most have gotten their minds around the concept of Global Warming, for our planet is indeed warming up. Granted, it has taken awhile for scientists and environmentalists to convince the public that this is so and now only but a few of the most entrenched say publicly that Global Warming is nothing but a hoax. (One is the out-going leader of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.) But many, and that includes the present administration, has not Got It! Present Global Warming is due to mankind’s footprints, that is, industry, fossil fuels being burnt up far faster than the normal carbon cycle.

Why is this important that the education of our public officials, lawyers, and the public go to the next level on Global Warming? Because if you don’t get it that man is causing this present leap in global warming gases like carbon dioxide and methane, then you don’t act. You believe that were just going through a normal climate trend and there’s nothing we can do because climate just changes. (Though, that too is a spurious argument, because regardless of the cause, if our planet is warming up quickly the consequences of that will affect us nonetheless.)
Anyway, it matters that you understand and find evidence that present Global Warming is due to mankind because you will believe that it is possible to reverse the effects. In New York State the effects could mean the lowering of the Great Lakes water level, the reduction of hydroelectric power, having summers like Georgia, the increase of diseases like Lyme disease, malaria, and West Nile Virus, much less snowfall, the possible destruction of the wine and maple syrup businesses, and many more days of temperatures over 90 degrees. [Read: Forcast For New York: Projected Global Warming Impacts & Next Steps, by the Environmental Advocates of New York.]

So, we need to take the threat of Global Warming to the next level. We need not throw up our hands and give up, but realize that our actions—driving cars and heating our by houses—by burning fossil fuels are the cause of the dramatic increase in our planet’s greenhouse gases. And act, by voting for responsible politicians who ‘get it.’ By buying more fuel efficient furnaces and automobiles and educating our friends and anyone who will listen to us that we are living in extraordinary times where we are responsible for the environment that our children will inhabit. Your attitude towards Global Warming in the next ten years will make the difference.

Here’s the beginning statement by the Pew Center for Climate Change SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE OF HUMAN ROLE IN CLIMATE CHANGE GROWS ---Read a concise summary of the latest strong evidence that greenhouse gases released by human activities are the main cause of contemporary global warming The Causes of Global Climate Change (PDF): “During the twentieth century, the earth’s surface warmed by about 1.4 °F. There are a variety of potential causes for global climate change, including both natural and human-induced mechanisms. Science has made great strides recently in determining which potential causes are actually responsible for the climate change that occurred during the twentieth century, providing strong evidence that greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere by human activities are the main cause of contemporary global warming.”

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