Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Environmentalism in the Next Four Years

The next four years will be a litmus test to see if environmentalists move away from restricting laws (like the Endangered Species Act) and towards market-based solutions that don't hurt American industry. The question that will be answered soon is whether environmentalists will conform to Bush’s perceived mandate on a market approach to solving environmental problems or stand firm and fight the administration.

It doesn't matter that the majority of American don't believe in Bush's environmental policies, because the American people forfeited their opinion when they reelected Bush. The majority’s understanding and concern about the environmental crisis has been co-opted by a government that sees its election victory as a total victory. However, like the Iraq invasion the Bush Administration’s policies are doomed to failure because they are not sustainable in the real world, and industry has never shown an inclination to conduct environmental safe practices for the good of anyone, except when it is perceived to be in their own self-interest.

So, we are no longer in a great human experiment as to whether man ways can be sustained by a strategy of benign indifference-that since the Industrial Revolution. We wanted industry, industry polluted, and some tired to show that this neglect could harm our ability to sustain our existence. We are now in direct contempt of what humankind as a whole has learned about the need for potable water, usable land, and breathable air. The market approach will work for industry, but there is absolutely no evidence that it will work for Nature.

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