Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The End of Green

The End of Green
& The Birth of Global Environmental Resources

You may have come across sometime in the last ten years. I would have to look through my journals to discover the first publication of my online environmental website,, but it was in the mid or late ‘90’s. It was my attempt to catalogue all the environmental activity on the web and use this new medium to help individuals all over the world to both inform themselves on the critical immediacy of our environmental problems and to do something about them. It was my belief, and many others that individuals with a computer and an Internet connection could make a difference. I say we were successful because the environmental movement has gained steadily in strength over the years because of information sharers online. It is impossible today to keep an environmental situation secret today because of the proliferation of environmental sites.

Besides, creating the Environmental Site Awards (where I roamed the Internet for useful sites that individual created to help online visitors help the environment and presented an award) and the Environmental Home Page Association (where I tried to collect many websites created by individuals and get them to work on a common goal that grew to over eighty sites) I networked with many individuals (teachers, students, governmental officials, and business people, and regular folks) to further help the Internet show the importance of environmentalism. I remember a rather crude study “Environmental Activism and The Internet” back in the last millennium by Clem White that attempted to track what environmentalist were doing on web, where that would be impossible today because so much is going on.

Now, the heady days of the beginning of the Internet and the online environmental movement seems kind of self-absorbed and absurd, as there are more environmental sites, of one kind or another, than one could imagine or even locate. You did not have to have credentials then, just an intellectual honesty to judge material and the doggedness to get it passed around the Internet as fast as possible. Back then, it was possible to believe that with so many connected individual who were willing to catalogue and provide so much information on our environmental problems, that we might be able to change how man treated his planet. I think we have done that. Despite Bush’s reelection in 2004, over 80% of American are concerned about our environmental matters—and rightly so.

Rather than a private enterprise, like writing a journal, working on (of which began as single page on that site) was an attempt to share my thoughts and ideas on environmentalism with the public. As quasi-experiment that ran on for years, it convinced me that online environmentalism helps individuals convert to a reality-based outlook on life. There are links everywhere to individuals and groups who tell the story of environmental degradation that cannot be kept secret by self-powerful (they own most of the media) centered corporations and the advertisement-driven media. The preponderance of evidence that the Earth is getting less able to sustain human existence is overwhelming. I am sure, because of the’s long history (in terms of the Internet) that the site was, and now ‘is’ in its new transformation as Global Environmental Resources, connecting with a lot of individuals looking for more information on the state of our environment.

But, has come to an end, except as an adjunct to I will continue to catalogue and try to connect the dots online that there is a real world concern about our environment. The second Bush administration, with its belief that corporate survival is more important that environmental survival, is must be combated by information and evidence to the contrary. Individuals can help to spread the word online and make sure that not only the media and politicians frame the most important issue we face in this new century. I had many years of enjoyment doing It was a format for sharing my thoughts about the environment that is something all humans desire, the need to be heard. And, to those who contacted me and shared my vision of the Internet as the ultimate whistleblower on our environmental problems, especially others like myself who tried to use the Internet to bypass all the misinformation others were giving the public, I thank you. –Frank J. Regan.

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